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The scs Extractor

It's easy to extract what's inside a .scs file, modify something and run it as a mod of your own.  Here is the link to download it.

How to use it (short version):

  1. Download the exe file
  2. Create a folder with a name of your choice (to remember it is the thing!)
  3. Copy the .scs files from the game folder to this newly created folder of yours. (Where to find it?)
  4. Different ways to get about it, but this is the way: scs_extractor.exespacefile_you_want_to_extract.scs
    • example:
    • scs_extractor.exe dlc_arizona.scs
    • Remember: there are some of the base files that will not extract. Some, as the base.scs file can take a bit of time....
  5. One way about it:
    • If you are not afraid of playing with the big stuff, you can always download this program, but remember, you will NEVER SEE WINDOWS IN THE SAME LIGHT AGAIN IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!
  6. In the above mentioned program it's a whole lot easier:
    • Stand on the extractor and CTRL+enter
    • Stand on the file to be extracted and CTRL+Enter
    • Enter again.
    • It's done!

There have to be other ways to do it also, but I do not really care about them. I gave the old and the new.

Create your own way, and no one will ever dictate something you do not want to do in any other way.

Set your own standards of doing things.


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